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Nail Services Etobicoke

Nail Services Etobicoke

Welcome to Unique Beauty nail services Etobicoke! Whether looking for a basic manicure or a VIP treatment for your natural nails, we have a service to fit your needs.

We invite you to browse our current service list and fees. Contact us to BOOK your appointment with one of our professional nail technicians. Don’t forget to ask us about our current promotions!

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Unique Beauty services South Etobicoke, Alderwood, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Mimico. We look forward to meeting you!

Nail Services Options

Regular Polish Manicure$30.00
Gel Polish Manicure$50.00
Gel Polish Manicure with Overlay$60.00
Gel Polish with Russian Manicure$70.00
Extensionsstarting price is $90.00
Gel Removal$20.00
Gel Removal with Quick Clean Up$25.00
Gel Removal with Another Service$10.00
Regular Pedicure$40.00
Gel Polish Pedicure$55.00
Gel Removal on Feet$10.00
Regular Manicure & Pedicure$65.00
Gel Manicure & Pedicure$100.00


Art design – 10 fingers $15.00 +
Art design – 2 fingers
French add-ons

Gift Certificates Available

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